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Personalized advice for every product

Turn your Digital Experience into a Virtual Beauty Consultation

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The Emma ScoreTM guides shoppers to health and beauty products they will love

Predictive scores for hair, skin, and wellness products

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Individualized Interaction

Shoppers share their traits and product preferences with Emma

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Real-time, Data-driven Scores

Personalized scores guide shoppers to products that match their needs

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Clear Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking reveals the traits of browsers who become buyers

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Personalized Beauty Advice via Email

Shoppers share their email address to receive additional advice

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Proprietary Technology combines cosmetic science and the insights of professional health & beauty experts

The Emma ScoreTM uses proprietary algorithms and Artificial Intelligence to predict a beauty care product's ability to perform for a shopper's specific needs.

Unique Beauty Profiles reveal the specific traits of your best customers

Data collected via the Emma ScoreTM plugin offers a unique view of your shoppers that goes beyond typical demographics. Understanding the beauty traits of your best customers enables personalized marketing and product development at scale.

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Our offerings for brands and retailers provide the ability to add the Emma ScoreTM to web and mobile experiences.
Currently hair care products only. Please contact us for other beauty care categories.

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E-Commerce Plugin

A complete solution that includes a friendly chatbot, real-time product scores, and score-based product recommendations. Quick and easy customization.

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Emma Score API

Utilize our proprietary technology by connecting to the Emma ScoreTM API. Real-time score delivery and score-based product recommendations.

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Emma Score SDK

The Emma ScoreTM SDK includes access to the Emma Score API along with customizable interface components.

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Custom Module

Real-time scores and personalized product recommendations with a user experience customized to your business goals.

Guide customers to personal care products they will love with the Emma ScoreTM

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